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Welcome to Voll Marintek, where we're transforming the rig industry with revolutionary innovations. Our approach represents a paradigm shift, transitioning from traditional mechanical solutions to state-of-the-art automated process factories. By deploying robots on a compact adjustable footprint, we streamline operations and elevate industry benchmarks through the power of artificial intelligence.

At Voll Marintek, we believe in flexible rental and lease strategies that optimize equipment utilization rates. Our true multi-modularity enables customized solutions for each project, mitigating contractor financial risks and maximizing efficiency. With our modular philosophy at the core, our system is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of every project.

Embracing a circular approach, the LEAN MACHINE is at the forefront of driving the energy transition value chain. From well decommissioning to repurposing and geothermal drilling, our cutting-edge solutions address core cost factors, ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable transition to alternative energy sources. Join us as we revolutionize the rig industry and pave the way for a greener future.

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Unlock new horizons by conducting collaborative assessments of our solutions alongside existing technologies, with minimal resource commitment. Recognize our strength in flexible deployment methods and adaptable operational envelopes. Dive into the profound innovation embedded in our technical solutions.

Mindful Resource Management
Ever heard of the candle challenge? We approach resource management like a well-thought-out puzzle, exploring every avenue to maximize asset utilization. Through creative thinking and strong partnerships, we find multiple uses for every asset, giving them added value. Our solutions are built on versatile building blocks that can be upgraded on-site and repurposed to meet evolving needs.
Outstanding Message
Teamwork is at our core! We bring together all stakeholders to uncover new avenues for lifecycle savings. Our key message resonates with the market, promoting collaborative innovation and streamlining processes. We're committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50% and bolstering domestic markets along the way.

Unlocking Cost Efficiency through Streamlined Processes: SMART Lightweight Multi-Modular Workover Solutions Expanding Downhole Tool Options

Technology Support

We are working in close cooperation with TotalEnergies for the verification of a cost-efficient “Lean Machine” modular deployment solution suitable for their forthcoming well decommissioning campaigns. During our basic engineering study we are receiving valuable operator feedback to match their operational and interface requirements for P&A operations. Our common goal is the reduction of CO2 and total costs by up to 35%.

What we do

We've recognized the constraints in current solutions and are leading the way in inspiring the late life asset market to embrace cost-efficiency through innovative rigless modular solutions and cutting-edge downhole products. Our approach involves forming new business models in collaboration with existing market players across the value chain. Join us in propelling the supply chain for late asset markets into a new era, expediting the transition to sustainable energy sources.

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We are fully committed in realizing cost-efficient lean ideas of highly reliable automated drilling and pipe handling solutions for the energy market.

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Discover our expertise in optimizing processes through innovative product implementation, particularly for the late-life asset market.

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Seeking solutions? Let's connect and discuss your challenges with conventional methods. We're here to share our expertise and ideas.

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