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Dennis Vollmar

Greetings! I am a results-driven Circular Economy Enthusiast with a passion for developing groundbreaking technical solutions that drive project success while minimizing costs. My journey has been marked by a commitment to out-of-the-box thinking, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving. My expertise spans across various domains, including hydraulics, mechanics, electronics, automation, drilling, and supply chain management. By focusing on detailed, solid business cases in collaboration with partners and stakeholders throughout the value chain, I strive to create transformative business opportunities even in challenging market conditions. 

Setting business strategies/ plans & creating niche markets with high leverage effects from the perspective of all stakeholders from operators, contractors, service to manufacturing companies looking at manufacturing and operating requirements

Deep understanding of total integrated project management and risk reduction from direct involvement in cooperation with Petrofac as project manager & developer for the supply and operational support of an innovative P&A lightweight rig for Spirit Energy, which achieved 10% cost reduction beyond expectations

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Welcome to Voll Marintek's world of innovation and engineering excellence! Get ready to experience Voll Marintek like never before! Our teaser gives you a glimpse into what Voll Marintek stands for - innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in offshore operations. Stay tuned as we reveal how our groundbreaking solutions are transforming the industry and driving us toward a greener, more cost-effective future. Join us in reshaping the world of offshore energy.

Voll Marintek Dream Team 

Step into the realm of innovative, customized, and cost-efficient solutions tailored to meet your unique project requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to uncovering the safest and most streamlined approaches for your projects. As a consortium of seasoned engineers boasting expertise in mechanical, petroleum, geothermal, and project management, we specialize in offshore and onshore operations.