Innovative Technical Solutions

  • What if, there is an innovative P&A rig solution, which only occupies the footprint of rigless approaches with similar operational envelopes of a modular drilling rig? 
  • What if, the hoisting speed is 3x faster compared to the modular drilling rig and offers an upgrade for an automation package to comply to NORSOK?
  • What if, there is no utilisation in your project for certain standardised parts in a drilling equipment sets and you don't want to pay for it? 
We have identified the silver bullet.  While the concept of modularity isn't new, we've taken it to the next level, like a car selection configurator, enabling you to craft your own workover/drilling solution based on your specific preferences and requirements. Our modular, multi-configurable P&A rig simplifies conventional processes and mitigates high-risk factors by adapting to your needs and budget. You can configure the system before, during, or after project execution, ensuring that only the necessary equipment is on-site for each subtask.


Circular Modular: A cutting-edge rig solution driving well repurposing and geothermal drilling, significantly reducing the core cost factors for a cost-effective transition from alternative energy sources to carbon capture and hydrogen storage.

Hybrid Efficiency: Harness the full potential of drilling rig capabilities while adhering to the streamlined simplicity of Hydraulic Workover. Benefit from modularity, compactness, lightweight design, and rapid assembly.

Unmatched Competitiveness: Tailor-made to suit project-specific requirements, proficiently managing risks, costs, and timelines. Competing head-to-head with Jackup capabilities at Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) day rates. 

The Main Differentiator

1. Diverse Applications: Seamlessly transition from a wireline mast to conductor pulling unit, or even an lightweight drilling rig to a compact heavy-duty drilling solution keeping the weight to a minimum: 35% lighter
2. Efficiency Maximization: Experience reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT) by 50% with innovative features like the Dual Hoisting System, Automation and Simultaneous Operation capability while minimizing CO2 emissions
3. Flexible Fast Deployment: From offshore to onshore assets, our adaptable setups effortlessly navigate changing infrastructure challenges and can be assembled 50% faster to comparable solutions.
4. First-of-its-Kind Adaptability: Our modular block structure allows customization to match project requirements, setting a new standard in versatility enabling an adaptable rental rate

Our Commitment


Designing and manufacturing modular lean automated solutions: 
  • Simple Assembly and Transportation
  • Multi- Configurable to project NEEDS & customer preference
  • Increase efficiency and equipment utilisation by having modules supporting adaptable day rate model 

Energy Recovery

Designing and utilizing efficient power sources: 
  • Deployment of energy efficient systems simplifying energy conversion from potential to dynamic
  • Reduce complexity by choosing energy state for improved utilization of system losses for further processes
  • Overall energy consumption reduction

Waste Management

Minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency throughout the well life cycle:
  • Implementing recycling and reuse programs through flexible application range beyond original configuration 
  • Minimizing energy use and emissions
  • Enabling the deployment for wind, carbon capture and geothermal projects

Happy Meal Proposition

35% Cost cut

Through collaboration with a major North Sea operator, we've pinpointed cost-cutting opportunities of up to 35% in total integrated project costs. What's more, the versatile operational capabilities of our solutions make them suitable for a wide range of late asset market operations.

50% Emission cut

The complete solution not only streamlines job execution, mobilization, and assembly processes but also incorporates an innovative jacking system, combined with newly developed downhole tools, resulting in a remarkable 40% reduction in overall power consumption.

60% Less Equipment
The modular building block setup allows upgrading existing modules  at the offshore location to perform sequential tasks instead of mobilising customised equipment for each subtask or deploying heavy large conventional solutions.

30% Time saving

Our building block structure minimizes total assembly time, eliminating the need for additional assembly steps. Furthermore, the unit's adaptability on-site significantly reduces planning phase risks and time.


Embrace Flexibility: Modularity for Adaptive Operations!