Minimizing the risk

Our risk assessment models and simulations enable us to quantitatively evaluate optimal strategies for a range of offshore operations. We meticulously analyze the deployment of all potential tools to maximize cost-efficiency, emphasizing innovative solutions. Our solution selection process prioritizes the best options for mitigating risks under uncertain conditions.

Risk Evaluation

Reducing Uncertainties

  • Identify asset and tools condition
  • Deploy innovative measures
  • Remove potential low performers
  • Data Acquisition potential
  • Focus on main cost drivers
  • Establish context: Circumstances
  • Compare similar projects
  • FEED study in project planning phase

Error Management

Dealing with interdependence

  • Sequential task management
  • Increase stability of operations
  • Backup operation planning
  • Proper communication charts
  • Increase awareness of project risks

Maximum Control

Integrated subtasks planning

  • Involve all stakeholders 
  • Detailed planning on paper
  • Identify, mitigate and monitor risks
  • Share risks, threats and rewards
  • Continued KPI assessment
  • Flexible operations: Alternatives
  • Perform quality control

We are receiving financial support by Innovate UK to commercialise our Lean Machine. Join our journey! 

Digital Prototyping

Innovation in capital-intensive products often faces the challenge of budget constraints. While downhole tool innovation offers fast payback, the amortization period for drilling rigs typically spans 7-10 years, limiting transformative potential. Voll Marintek has embarked on developing a groundbreaking rig type—the true multi-modular drilling system—featuring novel features like dual hoisting and racking systems. To cost-efficiently validate these benchmarks, a digital prototype has been devised. Explores the role of digital prototyping in verifying improved automated cycle times in pipe handling and hoisting operations, crucial for an efficient energy transition.  Digital prototypes leverage real operational data from electric, mechanical, and hydraulic subsystems to simulate interfaces, enhancing safety and efficiency in rig operations.

Feasibilty study

Innovative approaches open doors to secure government funding for comprehensive engineering studies, facilitating a thorough competitive commercial analysis of all potential deployment methods. This approach includes partial funding of the overall budget during the planning phase of a late asset management campaign, significantly reducing financial exposure for initial well executions, fostering demonstration and learning curve benefits that appeal to all stakeholders.

Furthermore, our advanced technical solution not only slashes costs but also contributes significantly to the energy transition's efficiency. By repurposing wells for geothermal and carbon capture, we minimize waste generated from decommissioning, aligning perfectly with sustainability goals.

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