Project Management

We have intensive project management experience in particular from feasibility studies to product development and enhancement, ensuring communication across all levels of the stakeholders securing the critical path is achieved on budget, in time and at the highest possible quality.

Customized Engineering Methods

Product/ Process Development

We create digital environments for validating existing systems and optimizing operational parameters, harnessing cutting-edge software for precise and dependable engineering solutions. Our expertise extends to supporting basis of design, crafting business cases, and adhering to existing technical specifications when necessary. Additionally, we offer 2D technical drawings, comprehensive technical reports, and other essential documentation.

Feasibility Studies

Our engineering consultancy conducts thorough feasibility studies to evaluate project viability and identify potential risks. Our team of in-house engineers, specializing in Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies, provides expert analysis and recommendations to support your decision-making process. We're equipped to explore and recommend the best available deployment technologies in the market.

Product/ Process Optimisation

We conduct benchmark analyses to drive both quantitative and qualitative efficiency improvements across diverse sub-tasks, pinpointing the most significant leverage points for transformative enhancements. We're dedicated to forging disruptive business models that leverage innovative technical solutions. Plus, our 3D printing capability allows us to implement early optimization measures before full-scale implementation.
Advanced engineering simulation


We embrace holistic, multi-disciplinary physics analysis by simulating digital prototypes within a virtual environment. This approach enables us to thoroughly test, optimize, and commission specific electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and control elements prior to initiating the manufacturing process.

Engineering Teams

" Our dedicated team of professionals works collaboratively to craft advanced 3D models and visualizations, a pivotal aspect of our innovative product and process development. We harness the power of cutting-edge simulation technologies to perform extensive engineering studies, delivering comprehensive support for cost-efficient product enhancement and optimization. "

Enhanced CAD Modelling

  • Simple FEA: Structural Behaviour
  • Modelling: Basic Design
  • Preparing Drawing Packages
  • Early Stage Product Development
  • Product Animations for Marketing
  • FEED Studies: Feasibility Reports

Advanced 3D Printing

  • Large Scale: Assembly testing
  • Laboratory demonstrator: Dynamical behaviour
  • Basic Model Development
  • Visual inspections & Marketing
  • Client Demonstration

Multi Discipline simulations

  • Hydraulic Modelling & Testing
  • FEA: Structure Optimisation 
  • Non Linear: Blast & Integrity
  • Digital Twin: Life Cycle Validation
  • Automation & Electric simulation
  • Multi disciplinary digital prototype

Embrace Flexibility: Modularity for Adaptive Operations!

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