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How do we regain control of the regional value creation?

Circular Wisdom: Preserving Liberty in the Human Family

In today's dynamic world, liberty's redefined role prompts reflections on balancing freedom and authority, especially as we champion organizations like the woman-supporting association for decommissioning. Rooted in love and protection, liberty safeguards against despotism and fosters inclusion, diversity, and unconditional love. This philosophy guides us in democratizing access to knowledge and experiences, ensuring no one is left behind in the industrial revolution's wake.

The crucial circular CO2 role for all organisms

In the discourse surrounding CO2 reduction, this article challenges the reliance on artificial long-term sequestration, highlighting the vital role of plants in maintaining environmental balance. By emphasizing the intricate connection between CO2 and organic materials like plants, it advocates for simpler, more effective solutions that support the natural life cycle and promote sustainability over costly technologies.

Lean Machine: Finalist in Offshore Well Intervention Awards – Pioneering Circular Economy in Offshore

Our groundbreaking innovation, the Lean Machine, has just been announced as one of the finalists in the prestigious Offshore Well Intervention awards! This is a momentous achievement that truly reflects the dedication, hard work, and innovation that each one of you has poured into this project.

Ultimate TetRis(k): Modularity for the next LevAl

Probably everyone above the age of 30years has played once in his lifetime Tetris. It was the ultimate game selected to be in the ‘Gameboy’ package. Instead of prioritising the ‘Gameboy’ launch with their flag game ‘Super Mario’, Nintendo selected a game developed in the Soviet Union. Why all the hustle for this game, which was based on rotatable falling blocks with different shapes to strategically clear levels?

LieAbility or O.P.-PortUnity: Decommissioning of offshore infrastructures

There are a many ideas how to repurpose large offshore infrastructures from keeping them in place for marine growth to transforming those to amusement parks or integrating them to the growing green energy infrastructure. The locations of many offshore platforms are also not very close to upcoming wind turbine park projects. What does it leave us to?

The T(h)ree pillars TowArts Sustainability

How can we become more productive with leaner organisations?

Or can we evolve through a reduction of energy resources?

What are the possibilities of recycling in the energy business?

Where are we currently in the energy transition?

EmPOWERing Communities: Crowd Funding for Industrial SOLUTIONS

In the realm of crowd funding platforms, industrial technological advancements often stand apart from the usual social or everyday-issue projects that dominate the scene. These innovations might not directly impact the wider community, making it challenging to garner the same traction. However, when it comes to critical sectors like energy and water supply, the dynamics shift, warranting a fresh perspective.

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DecomWeek Pitch Battle 

We are thrilled to announce that the Lean Machine has won the prestigious pitch battle at the DecomWeek Conference! This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in providing modular, cost-efficient solutions for well decommissioning. Our latest achievement underscores the versatility and efficiency of the Lean Machine in tackling diverse infrastructure challenges. Thank you for your continued support as we revolutionize the future of well operations.

SPE Lunch & Learn Presentation by Dennis Vollmar, Voll Marintek

Validating Operational Benchmarks of an Innovative Compact Lightweight Robotic Rig Solution through Digital Prototyping. 

Please join us for our Sept networking "Lunch and Learn" event. Being held from 12noon on the 4th of Sept at Union Kirk Aberdeen. The presentation will be followed by lunch and the event should end around 1.30pm. Please notice the date has been changed from May to September.

Official Judge at Next Big Idea Award of AFBE conference

The AFBE community cultivates a universal culture of communication, mindset, and working environment, promoting innovative ideas that focus on the challenges faced through technology acceleration. This is why our big next idea themes include AI in Engineering, sustainability, energy transition, equity in the built environment, company culture and inclusion, and labor income inequality. Our community goal is to support bright minds with big hearts, allowing everyone to equally participate in the next technology transformation according to their needs.

Modular dual jack lifting system designed to aid decom activity

To help operators better handle decommissioning challenges, Voll Marintek has developed its “Lean Machine” dual jack lifting system.

International Association of Drilling Contractors Presentation

Cutting-Edge, Efficient, light and Cost-Effective Multi Modular Solution for Drilling and Workover Operations:  The presentation will highlight the technical advantages and features of the Lean Machine. It will also provide an update on the build project for the first unit and showcase a detailed animation of the unit’s rig-up and operation.

Oil Review Middle East Magazine

A Lean Green Workover Machine: To fill a glaring gap in the decommissioning market, Voll Marintek Limited is pioneering the HWU-150 Lean Machine, a dual jack lifting system with key advantages over rigless operations and MDR to deliver significant cost, risk and climate benefits for the industry.

The Journey of Voll Marintek: Embracing the Unknown Path and Thriving in Innovation

Today, we embark on an exciting journey as we explore how Voll Marintek, a cutting-edge engineering consultancy, has achieved engineering excellence through innovative practices. Join us as we delve into the world of FEA, digital prototypes, product animations, and 3D printing of demonstrators.

Offshore Network Magazine

Dennis Vollmar, CEO of Voll Marintek Limited, spoke to Offshore Network to discuss his innovative solution in detail and explained how he identified this opening in the market.

While still at the start of its journey, the Lean Machine is already attracting attention and suitors which is driving it steadily towards commercialisation.