Our Products

  • Lean Hydraulic Hoisting & Pipe handling systems
  • Automation of drilling and pipe handling operations
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Development of Digital twins for virtual prototypes
  • Customisation of existing products to optimize processes
Lean Machine Basic

UltraLight Dual Hoisting Frame for drill pipe & completion handling with Drillers cabin at Drill floor height

  • Tripping speed: 450m/hr
  • Hook Load: 270MT
  • Weight: 80MT
  • Assembly: 36hrs

Lean Machine Pro

Dual Hoisting Frame for drill pipe & completion handling with vertical radial racking system

  • Tripping speed: 650m/hr
  • Hook Load: 270MT
  • Weight: 120MT
  • Assembly: 48hrs

Lean Machine Premium

Extended Drilling Dual Hoisting Frame for automated drill pipe & completion handling: Total Hook Load 600MT

  • Tripping speed: 900m/hr
  • Hook Load: 270MT
  • Weight: 230MT
  • Assembly: 72hrs

Modular Customisation

Experience unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with the Lean Machine's modular customization. Our innovative design allows you to tailor configurations to meet diverse project needs, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.


  • Tailored Solutions: Customize the Lean Machine to fit specific project requirements, enhancing precision and effectiveness.
  • Cost Efficiency: Streamlined operations and reduced need for multiple equipment types lead to significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Safety: Automated systems and customizable features improve operational safety and minimize risks.
  • Environmental Impact: Compact and lightweight design supports sustainable practices and reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Operational Flexibility: Easily adaptable to changing project demands and unforeseen challenges, ensuring seamless project execution.

Wireline Configuration

Offline assembly and testing Stamp

P&A Configuration

Dual Hoist Automated Rigless Unit

Conductor Pulling 

Integrated diamond saw module

Coiled Tubing

Elevated CT Working Platform

Deployment Flexibility

Well Intervention Lift boat

Pocket Swamp Barge

Drilling Equipment Set

Hybrid Solution

Drilling Contractor Video Interview 

To help operators better handle decommissioning challenges, Voll Marintek has developed its “Lean Machine” dual jack lifting system. Dennis Vollmar, Company Director, describes the system as a hybrid solution between a hydraulic workover unit and a modular drilling rig.

The Lean Machine

Unleash Efficiency with the Lean Machine! Discover how our revolutionary solution transforms well repurposing and decommissioning. Tailor specifications for cost-efficiency, benchmark for lower expenses, embrace robotic precision, and elevate data-driven planning. Join us on a journey to redefine industry standards. Lean into the future with Voll Marintek!

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